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Halan Lending

Halan offers financing up to 200,000 EGP with a touch of a button without having a bank account and with just your national ID and Commercial Registry and Tax ID.

Easiest procedures Without having a bank account With just your national ID, Commercial Registry, and Tax ID.
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Halan BNPL

This solution gives the power back to our consumers and enables them to make purchasing decisions right now. We give our customers the trust to Buy Now, Pay Later in monthly installments.

Without Down Payment or Fees. Installment up to 36 Month.
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Halan Payments

Our payment solutions are a fast and easy way for our consumers' needs to be met while providing them a safe and reliable way to make payments.

All your bills in one application Request up to 80% of your salary in advance
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Halan Offers

افرش بيتك مع قباني باتقسيط من خلال حالا
عروض تو بي

Halan Vendors

+2500 Vendors on Halan Buy Now Pay Later.

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الكل في واحد Appliances

All in One 


Dream 2000



قباني للأثاث المنزلي أثاث

Kabbani Furniture - قباني للأثاث 

New Activ Abu Alaa


Tie House 


El Shenawi

Personal Accessories

Kids O Toys 

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